These edges are included in our per linear meter price.

Square Polished Round is our most popular edge and keeps the look contemporary and modern.

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Quarter Bevel has a slanted edge to add some detail

Mitered edges are at an additional cost

We specialize in Mitre edges. Our specialised machines mean we can mitre not only Engineered Stones but also granite and marble.

We recommend using a mitred edge when joining window sills to splash-backs, on all drop panels, build-ups, legs and Fascias. This gives you a seamless finish so joins are virtually impossible to see.

1/4 Bullnose is a very practical edge and is used more for traditional country kitchens.


This unique edge is similar to the Quarter Bevel application but upside down.

Very popular for a modern kitchen

Diesel Edge Mitered

Mitered edges are at an additional cost

 Something quite different and unique.
We specialise in these diesel edges, not only on a build up application but a 30mm Stone aswell